About Us

Olden is the coming together of ageless culture with present-day sensitivities. A portmanteau of ‘old’ and ‘golden’, Olden breathes life into fashion by blending nostalgia-stirring Indian crafts with contemporary styles. 

Each piece offered by Olden is a unique spin to designs that resonate with your heart’s longing for finely-crafted, timeless elegance. Whatever your choices, our offerings are sure to remind you of the time that was, and, at the same time, make you look forward to a brighter, promising tomorrow.

Our Inspiration

Olden takes inspiration from the Peepal tree - which, while holding firmly to its roots, takes pride in its branched-out expanse.

Much like the Peepal, we believe in channeling the strength of our traditions and spreading our creative horizons to match  present-day consciousness in fashion.





Meet the team 

Harsh Surana is an engineer turned fashion entrepreneur who finds his calling at the cusp of business and technology. He is a go-getter whose critical bent of mind and people skills get the ball rolling for every team he works with. He has previously worked with several fashion enterprises, and his inclination towards tradition moved him to create Olden where he puts his industry expertise at play to lead the sales and business front. 

Nidhi Khatri, always intrigued by the intricacies of fashion, she studied textile design at IICD Jaipur before making her way to starting Olden. She finds joy in the delicate culture of incredible India, and her heart feeds on the understanding of Indian crafts. At Olden, she brings together her passion and her bossiness to deliver what she calls ‘art on fabric’. 

For us, the labour of India’s textile artisans is a timeless relic that deserves to be passed on to generations. Olden is our attempt to remind people of tradition by embedding it in contemporary styles that match today’s conscious sensibilities.”